This show echoes the vision of the nation’s wise leadership by demonstrating the crucial role the armed forces play in keeping the homeland, its citizens, and every resident of the United Arab Emirates safe and protected. Guided by wise leaders and an unwavering sense of loyalty and determination, these valiant men show the highest levels of skill and professionalism. They defend their brothers in their time of need, while spreading hope, kindness, and compassion to all corners of the earth. They fill the nation with pride as they carry out their duties with the utmost strength, agility, wisdom, and expertise.

The goal of this military show is to highlight the advanced capabilities of our armed forces by showcasing each individual’s courage, dedication, and technical skill, both on the field and in making use of modern equipment and technologies. As such, they are the nation’s protective shield, securing our achievements, promoting sustainable development, and safeguarding our unity in the face of challenges afflicting our region and the world at large.

The president of the military show’s organizing committee assures us that “Union Fortress 8”, which will be held in conjunction with the UAE’s Year of the 50th and Expo 2020 Dubai, includes a number of events and themes, foremost of which is a collective military show of the armed forces’ various formations. Its aim is to showcase the group’s sense of harmony and solidarity through realistic reenactments of field operations. These demonstrations illustrate our armed forces’ combat abilities in carrying out matters of internal security.

He said, “In this ‘Year of the 50th’ we remember the efforts of our founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, in developing our armed forces and ensuring their constant advancement.

These early aspirations, along with our leadership’s relentless pursuit of innovation and success, have carried us to the extraordinary numbers and technical capabilities our armed forces boast today.”

He then extended an open invitation to all, to bask in the spirit of pride, glory, and unity exhibited by these brave protectors of our nation’s land. He hoped the public would join the proud sons and daughters of these courageous men who share messages of hope, peace, kindness and cooperation with the world, who defend the motherland as if with sword and shield, and who pierce every adversary with an arrow in the heart.

Dubai, South Expo, 5th & 6th March 2022.
The event is open and the entry is free to all.

Union Fortress 8



The UAE Armed Forces is built on world-class tactics, technological expertise and thorough professionalism.


Reflected in commitment, pride and sacrifices of our brave soldiers, protecting our security and underpinning the development of our inclusive, tolerant and prosperous society.


Ensuring stability in our region, safeguarding the nation, and building enduring security for our people.



5th & 6th March 2022

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The event is open to the public and no registration is required

Yes. Experience this action-packed event together with your friends and family.

Event admission is free.

Organised by

Ministry Of Defense